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Supporting Documents

Here are the documents you need to complete the permit process.

Erosion Control/Stormwater 
Stormwater Management Maintenance Agreement TemplatePlat NoteDEQ Erosion Control Manual - Small Lot.pdfDetail DrawingsPlot PlanNarrative Erosion Control Small Lot - Word 


Detail Drawings

Erosion Detail Drawings200 Erosion Control Standard Drawing Index.dwg200 Erosion Control Standard Drawing Index.bak210 Sediment Barrier - Single Family Residential.dwg238 Inlet Protection - Type 6.dwg212 Sediment Barrier - Sediment Fence.dwg202 Standard Erosion Control Notes for Sites Less than One Acre.dwg240 Slope Protection - Matting.dwg214 Sediment Barrier - Wattles.dwg222 Concrete Washout Station.dwg216 Sediment Barrier - Sidewalk Subgrade.dwg220 Soil Pile Protection - Plastic Sheeting.dwg234 Inlet Protection - Type 4.dwg227 Tire Cleaning - Oak Mats.dwg246 Slope Protection - Filter Berms.dwg230 Inlet Protection - Type 1.dwg232 Inlet Protection - Type 3.dwg244 Slope Protection - Stair Stepping.dwg226 Tire Cleaning - Drive Through Wash.dwg225 Tire Cleaning - Manual Hose Wash.dwg236 Inlet Protection - Type 5.dwg242 Slope Protection - Cat Tracking.dwg250 Channel Flow - Bio-Filter Bag.dwg224 Tire Cleaning - Construction Entrance.dwg251 Channel Flow - Rock Check Dam.dwg256 Channel Flow - Outlet Stilling Basin.dwg253 Channel Flow - Channel Matting.dwg255 Channel Flow - Riprap Outlet Protection.dwg260 Retention - Swale.dwg264 Retention - Sediment Basin.dwg262 Retention - Sediment Trap.dwg266 Pumped Treatment - Sediment Bag.dwg254 Channel Flow - Pipe Slope Drain.dwg252 Channel Flow - Spacing Tables.dwg



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