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Most people take drinking water coming out of taps in our homes for granted. It’s also hard to imagine not being able to flush a toilet to carry wastewater away. The toilets and wastewater systems we use today save millions of lives by preventing the spread of deadly diseases that come from dirty water.

The Oak Lodge Wastewater Treatment Plant was upgraded over ten years ago (2012) and is located at 13750 SE Renton Ave. in Oak Grove, Oregon. The facility cleans an average of 1.5 billion gallons of wastewater annually, removing over 96% of pollutants. The Wastewater Treatment Plant and 5 lift stations are strategically located across the OLWS service area. They operate 24/7 to collect and treat wastewater before returning it to the Willamette River. Routine maintenance on this critical piece of infrastructure is vital to providing an essential service and protecting the health of nearly 29,000 people in the community. Operations staff are committed to producing treated water that exceeds the parameters set by state and federal guidelines. 

Annually, the treatment plant collects and treats approximately 900 dry tons of raw wastewater solids, which are treated to reduce total quantity to approximately 250 dry tons and to produce a product suitable for beneficial reuse. The raw solids treatment process results in Class B biosolids. The biosolids, meeting state requirements, are hoisted into enclosed trucks or dumpsters for transportation to agricultural farmland located in Clackamas and Umatilla counties.

Operational Permits
OLWS operates the water reclamation facility under a National Pollution Discharge and Elimination System Permit (NPDES). Operations staff is committed to producing treated water that exceeds the parameters set by state and federal guidelines.

Take a virtual tour of the treatment now or click here to request an in-person tour. 



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