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What We Flush Matters

Toilet paper dissolves rapidly in water. Human waste and toilet paper are the only things we should flush down a toilet. Many products advertised as “flushable” are not.

These products billed as "flushable" dissolve very slowly or not at all, and can cause problems in your home and in our sewer system. If you flush them down your drain they can cause backups in homes, damage sewer pipes and pumps, and release sewage into the environment.

These include:

  • "Flushable" wipes; disposable diapers; adult underwear and briefs; automotive fluids; bandages; cleaning wipes of any kind; condoms; cotton balls and swabs; dental floss; disposable diapers; facial tissue; fats, oils or grease; kitty or pet litter; mini or maxi pads; paint, solvents, sealants or thinners; poisons or hazardous waste; pull-ups; sanitary napkins; tampons or tampon applicators; wipes of any kind.

Unfortunately, ratepayers end up footing the bill for sewer system repairs and maintenance because of plumbing bills or increased bill rates over time.

Unused Medications
|Do not flush unused medications down the toilet. You can take medications to an approved prescription drug take-back site or event. Click Here

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