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Capital Improvement Plan

Investing in our collective infrastructure today prevents costly repairs in the future. Communities throughout the state and nation face system failures due to insufficient and aging infrastructure. Many water and wastewater systems, built and financed by previous generations, are approaching the end of their useful life, requiring significant upgrades. Much like the homes we live in, our water and wastewater systems require routine maintenance and continuous improvements. Deferred investment often leads to costly repairs and emergency replacements down the line.

Our Planning Toolkit 

Through a thoughtful, multistep planning process, OLWS evaluates and identifies necessary upgrades to its vital infrastructure.

Capital Improvement Plan (2024-2029)

Water Master Plan 
The Water Master Plan (WMP) offers a 20-year outlook of the community’s water resources, including available water supply, current and future demands, and emerging water quality considerations. It evaluates the condition of water infrastructure (pipelines, pump stations, tanks, etc.) and provides recommendations for replacement and repairs. Additionally, the WMP explores the system’s ability to withstand unexpected emergencies such as fires, floods, or earthquakes. OLWS updated its Water Master Plan in 2020 to ensure adequate water supply and reliable services for decades to come.

Water Master Plan 

Wastewater Master Plan  
The Wastewater Master Plan (WWMP) is a long-term planning tool that evaluates the wastewater system’s current condition, capacity, constraints, and recommendations for improvement. The 30-year plan evaluates OLWS’ ability to comply with state and federal regulations, withstand climate uncertainty, and continue to provide reliable services.

Wastewater Master Plan Wastewater Master Plan - AppendixWastewater Master Plan - Executive Summary


Supporting Documents

2014-2019 SWM Capital Improvement Plan.pdf
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