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Capital Improvement Plan

Finding a balance between great customer service and a low cost to provide service is key to the success of public organizations. One tool OLWS uses to achieve that balance is the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP), which helps organize and manage resources.

Did you know —

  • OLWS uses a six-year CIP to guide capital projects.
  • At the foundation of the CIP are Master Planning documents, which cover major systems like Wastewater, Drinking Water, and Surface Water.
  • Master plans capture the long-term needs and goals of the District as defined by community input from advisory groups, expert consultants, staff and Board, operational needs (i.e. service delivery), and regulatory requirements.

Essentially, CIP projects invest your hard earned dollars, improve the resilience of our natural resources, and improve our quality of life. 

Supporting Documents

OLWS Capital Improvement Plan (2023-2028).pdfOLWS Water System Master Plan (2020).pdf2014-2019 SWM Capital Improvement Plan.pdf
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