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Guiding Documents

Rates, Fees, and Other Charges

Rates, Fees, and Other Charges - Effective July 1, 2023

OLWS updates its rates, fees and charges on July 1 of each year.

The Fee Schedule is reviewed and approved by the Budget Committee, comprised of members of the public, and elected Board of Directors. If you have questions about any of this information contact Finance Director, Gail Stevens by email

Design and Construction Standards

Design and Construction Standards


Oak Lodge Water Services - Adopted Budget FY 2023-24North Clackamas County Water Commission - Adopted Budget FY 2023-24

If you have interest and experience in the budgeting process, please consider applying to volunteer on the Budget Committee. Each year the Board of Directors reviews applications in order to build the committee and we would appreciate your interest. For more information contact Finance Director, Gail Stevens by email


Resolutions - 2020 
Resolution 20-01 Approving Changes to Registered Contacts and Permissions with the LGIP.pdfResolution 2020-02 Adopting District Design and Construction Standards.pdfResolution 2020-03 Authorizing Declarations of a State of Emergency and Certain Actions During a State of Emergency.pdfResolution 2020-04 Approving a Line of Succession of Authority Among Directors of the Board.pdfResolution 2020-05 Adopting the Fiscal Year 2021 Budget and Making Appropriations.pdfResolution 2020-06 Establishing a Temporary Emergency Customer Assistance Program.pdfResolution 2020-07 Authorizing the Transfer of Appropriated Funds within the 2019-20 Fiscal Year Budget.pdfResolution 2020-08 Adopting Rates, Fees, and Other Charges with an Effective Date of July 1, 2020.pdfResolution 2020-09 Superceding Resolution No 2020-05 and Adopting the Budget for Fiscal Year 2020-2021.pdfResolution 2020-10 Authorizing the General Manager to Sign the July 1, 2020 Collective Bargaining Agreement.pdfResolution 2020-11 Approving Changes to the Registered Contacts and Permissions for District and Commission Accounts.pdfResolution 2020-12 Declaring Surplus Property.pdfResolution 2020-13 Amending the Schedule of Rates, Fees, and Other Charges with an Effective Date of July 1, 2020.pdfResolution 2020-14 Authorizing a Budget Transfer for FY 2020-2021.pdfResolution 2020-15 Adopting the 2020 Water System Master Plan.pdfResolution 2020-16 Authorizing Refunding of Loan from Water Fund with Oregon Infrastructure Finance Authority.pdf


Rules and Regulations

Rules & Regulations 



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