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Public Records Request

The District Recorder maintains the legislative history and public records of the District. Oregon Public Records Law grants individuals the right to review the public records of any public body, excluding those exempt from disclosure. The District will evaluate all requests and provide a response in accordance with timelines set forth by state law.

In accordance with the District’s Rates, Fees, and Other Charges Schedule, records requests are subject to fees. If it is estimated that the fee to locate and make records available for inspection and/or copying will exceed $25, the requestor will be advised and a deposit of the estimated fee will be required before the District records are searched and/or photocopied.

Review of public records shall be conducted and all copies of public records shall be produced during regular business hours.

Please complete the request form below, fill/print/return the attached PDF, or call the District Recorder at (503) 353-4227 to request a Public Records Request Form. On the electronic form below, or on the attached PDF, describe the information/records you are requesting. Be specific enough for OLWS to determine the nature, content, and department where the records you are requesting may be located. Provide specific dates whenever possible. You may submit this request to the Oak Lodge Water Services Recorder in person, by email, or by postal mail.

OLWSD Public Records Request Form.pdfOLWSD Public Records Request Fee Waiver-Reduction Form.pdf

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You may submit this request to the Oak Lodge Water Services District Recorder in person, by email, or by postal mail.

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