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Site Development Permit - Engineering Review

May contain: plan, diagram, and plot

A Site Development Permit is required to install any surface water/storm water, water quality and/or detention/retention facilities, on-site sanitary sewer changes, repaving, installing or re-surfacing (including grind and overlay) of more than 1,000 square feet of impervious surface, any development or redevelopment. Site Development Permits are a Clackamas County term for which OLWS issues a companion permit reviewing sanitary sewer, surface water and water utilities within its jurisdiction. Clackamas County equivalent permit numbers are typically “Z….xxx” and/or “SC…” and include subdivisions, partitions, design review, site clearing, redevelopment (commercial, industrial, multifamily), new development.

Applicant must supply OLWS with applicable plans. Clackamas County does not forward plan copies to OLWS. OLWS provides comments during the land use, pre-application, and development review processes. Questions? Contact the Development Review Specialist at (503) 654-7765 or

OLWS highly recommends to add all relevant contacts such as designers, architects, engineers, owners, general contractors and any relevant (utility) sub-contractors to the Accela permit record. All inspections must be scheduled through Accela. For a designer(s) to receive correspondence, plan review comments or pay fees, they must be listed as a contact in Accela. For contractor(s) to request inspections, they must be listed as a contact in Accela. OLWS wants to expedite the permit process. With these entities listed as a contact, the process will be faster. Please reference these instructions for "How to add a contact/contractor to your application".

What to Submit 


  1. How to complete an application.
  2. How to add a contact/contractor to your application.
  3. Install the "Contractor app" if you are a contractor. Use this for inspection scheduling.
  4. Complete an online permit application at Accelaclick here
    • Note: For instructions on how to set up and complete the application, click here.
    • Oak Lodge reviews permits on a chronological basis.  The Accela software provides and email to Oak Lodge staff when an application record is changed by the applicant or a document uploaded/submitted.
    • Oak Lodge policy is to review development reviews within 15 business days.  If you have not received return comments after 15 business days after sending the transmittal, please contact Oak Lodge.
    • Assure that the building permit number and land use case numbers are included in the Oak Lodge Accela permit record. OLWS uses this to communicate with the Clackamas Co. Building department.  Without this number, Oak Lodge cannot sign off on the building permit and the permit approval could be delayed. You may need to edit the record to include this number.  Multiple numbers / entries can be provided in the "County permit number" field. Email OLWS: to request the record to be edited. 
    • The original applicant should add all desired contacts into Accela.  As soon as possible, add the eventual contractor to the permit record.  The contractor will be scheduling inspections through Accela and only the original applicant can add additional entities. 
    • Upload limit is 100mb.  If any sumbittal document is larger than that, contact Oak Lodge.
  5. OLWS recommends downloading and using the Accela “developer app” which is officially titled “Contractor Central” after submitting your application. It simplifies communications and inspections. Download the App in your phone or tablet:
  6. To revise your permit record after submittal, refer to the document in “Supporting Documents” below or click this link. You may need to revise the record to add contractors or add additional information.  The permit record can only be revised by the applicant after it has been issued;
  7. Site Plan with detailed drawings containing proposed storm sewer and/or surface water facilities; 
  8. Utility narrative;
  9. Engineer cost estimate of storm sewer/surface water facilities including installation;
    • Note: storm water should include only water quality and quantity facilities, not conveyance in public ROW or on public property and not including catch basins.
  10. Utility maintenance agreement(s);
  11. Geotechnical Report/Soil Report/Infiltration Analysis;
  12. Storm Report including downstream analysis;
  13. Erosion Prevention/Sediment Control plan and details and narrative;
  14. Performance and Warranty Bond;
    1. OLWS receives three types of utility bonds: Potable Water, Wastewater, Surfacewater (Water quality and detention only).
    2. Bond values are for the engineer's estimate.  The estimate must be stamped by an engineer registered in Oregon.
    3. Bond documents are to be on Oak Lodge-supplied forms.  Please see the Site Development web page.
    4. OLWS bonds are separate from Clackamas County bonds. They can not be combined.
    5. Surfacewater bonds must include vegetation costs and maintenance costs for the one-year warranty period. Surfacewater bond values are only for water quality and/or detention facilities.  Do not include any conveyance or infrastructure other than water quality facilities.
    6. Bond documents are singular.  The Oak Lodge bond is a combination of performance and warranty. 
  15.  Any necessary easements: private and/or public;
  16. Clackamas County Utility Placement Permit (also known as “road-opening permit”);
  17. If any permit items are missing, an email will be sent detailing the needed items;
    1. If prompted, review comments to the plans by following these instructions;
  18. Pay fees online.

If a sewer or water main line extension, the following are relevant to be submitted for an application to be deemed “complete”:

  • DEQ Approval letter;
  • Profile plans.
Plan Quality and Layout Requirements 
  • All utilities and associated lines, appurtenances and fittings, and associated call outs and notes must be colored to their utility locate color. For example, sanitary sewer = green, potable water = blue, use pink for storm sewer and surface water;
  • All extraneous line work should be removed.  Any irrelevant line work will result in immediate dismissal of plans;
  • General, only one plan view and one profile per sheet. The stations must align on the plan view and profile view and be the same scale;
  • All corrections to these comments must be somehow easily identifiable, "clouded" or otherwise "called out" on the plans;
  • All plans must have “OLWS Revision Number" on the title block.

Applicant must supply OLWS with applicable plans. Clackamas County does not forward plan copies to OLWS. OLWS provides comments during the land use, pre-application, and development review processes. Questions? Contact the Development Review Specialist at (503) 654-7765 or


Schedule a pre-application conference in Accela. This is the identical process to scheduling an inspection. 


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