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Supporting Documents

Here are the documents you need to complete the permit process.

Wastewater (Sewer) 
Template Wastewater Easement Drainage Fixture SpreadsheetPerformance Bond TemplateUtility Narrative Template.pdfPump Around Narrative PlanContractor Insurance Example.pdfOLWS Utility Map Instructions.pdfPlat Note


Detail Drawings

Download All Wastewater Drawings     PDF     DWG

300 Wastewater (Sewer) Detail Drawings List     PDF     DWG

301 Construction Notes     PDF     DWG

302 Typical Trench Detail     PDF     DWG

303 Manhole - Typical     PDF     DWG

304 Manhole - Flat Top     PDF     DWG

305 Manhole - Poured in Place Base (1 of 2)     PDF     DWG

306 Manhole - Poured in Place Base (2 of 2)     PDF     DWG

307 Pre-cast Manhole Base     PDF     DWG

308 Frame and Cover (Standard)     PDF     DWG

309 Frame and Cover (Suburban)     PDF     DWG

310 Frame and Cover (Secure Watertight)     PDF     DWG

320 Service Connection to Manhole     PDF     DWG

321 Service Connection to Manhole - Inside Drop     PDF     DWG

322 Manhole - Outside Drop     PDF     DWG

323 Service Lateral     PDF     DWG

324 House Public Sewer Main Connection - Typical     PDF     DWG

325 6-in Tap on Existing 8-in Main     PDF     DWG

Template Water Easement Performance Bond TemplatePlat NoteMeter Sizing SheetOLWS Utility Map Instructions.pdfNarrative Utility TemplateMeter_Spec_0.625-1-Inch_MuellerMeter_Spec_1.5-2-inch_Mueller.pdfMeter_Spec_3-6_Inch_Mueller


Detail Drawings

Download All Water Drawings     PDF     DWG

400 Water System Standard Drawings List     PDF     DWG

401 Water System Construction Notes     PDF     DWG

402 Typical Pipe Trench     PDF     DWG

407 Restrained Joint     PDF     DWG

408 Tapping and Cut-In Methods     PDF     DWG

410 Isolation Valve Details     PDF     DWG

411 Fire Hydrant Assembly     PDF     DWG

412 Fire Hydrant Locations     PDF     DWG

413 Blowoff Assembly     PDF     DWG

420 3/4 and 1-inch Water Service Assembly     PDF     DWG

430 Water Meter Location     PDF     DWG

Erosion Control/Stormwater 
Stormwater Management Maintenance Agreement TemplatePlat NoteDEQ Erosion Control Manual - Small Lot.pdfDetail DrawingsPlot PlanNarrative Erosion Control Small Lot - Word 


Detail Drawings

Download all Erosion Control Drawings     PDF     DWG

200 Erosion Control Standard Drawing Index     PDF     DWG

202 Erosion Control Notes - for site less than one acre     PDF     DWG

210 Sediment Barrier - Single Family Residential     PDF     DWG

212 Sediment Barrier - Sediment Fence     PDF     DWG

214 Sediment Barrier - Wattles     PDF     DWG

216 Sediment Barrier - Sidewalk Subgrade     PDF     DWG

220 Soil Pile Protection - Plastic Sheeting     PDF     DWG

222 Concrete Washout System     PDF     DWG

224 Tire Cleaning - Construction Entrance     PDF     DWG

225 Tire Cleaning - Manual Hose Wash     PDF     DWG

226 Tire Cleaning - Drive Through Wash     PDF     DWG

227 Tire Cleaning - Oak mats     PDF     DWG

230 Inlet Protection - Type 1     PDF     DWG

232 Inlet Protection - Type 3     PDF     DWG

234 Inlet Protection - Type 4     PDF     DWG

236 Inlet Protection - Type 5     PDF     DWG

238 Inlet Protection - Type 6     PDF     DWG

240 Slope Protection - Matting     PDF     DWG

242 Slope Protection - Cat Tracking     PDF     DWG

244 Slope Protection - Stair Stepping     PDF     DWG

246 Slope Protection - Filter Berms     PDF     DWG

250 Channel Flow - Bio-Filter Bag     PDF     DWG

251 Channel Flow - Rock Check Cam     PDF     DWG

252 Channel Flow - Spacing Tables     PDF     DWG

253 Channel Flow - Channel Matting     PDF     DWG

254 Channel Flow - Pipe Slope Drain     PDF     DWG

255 Channel Flow - Riprap Outlet Protection     PDF     DWG

256 Channel Flow - Outlet Stilling Basin     PDF     DWG

260 Retention - Diversion Dike and Swale     PDF     DWG

262 Retention - Sediment Trap     PDF     DWG

264 Retention - Sediment Basin     PDF     DWG

266 Pumped Treatment - Sediment Bag     PDF     DWG


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