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Virtual Connection / Tenant Improvement: Utility Service Connection Permit

Apply for a Utility Permit for virtual connections or tenant improvements. The proposal may not include making a new or replacement tap/connection to the sewer system. The proposal may not include performing any utility (pipe) work whatsoever. The tenant improvement is still considered a “connection” because the proposed tenant will change the volume and/or strength of the sewer effluent discharging to the public sewer system. OLWS then evaluates the proposed strength and volume for conveyance and treatment purposes. Thus, a connection, albeit a “virtual” one is still the terminology used.

A Utility Permit is needed to evaluate the effluent volume and strength (see definition “virtual connection”). Virtual connections do not typically install, lengthen, enlarge, amend, repair, replace, upgrade or alter any existing sanitary sewer main line or other portion of the public system and may not have any sanitary sewer work outside the building envelope at all. The County equivalent permits are “Z….xxx and/or B…xxxx” and include design review, tenant improvements, commercial redevelopment, building and occupancy permits, process changes and similar applications. Utility Service Connection Permits are to be garnered for any relevant activity within the District Boundary and/or Service Area.

What to submit 
  1. Complete an online permit application at Accela, link to:
  2. Occupancy Narrative (This is a separate document. Answer the questions, save the document and upload it to Accela as an attachment);
  3. Site Plan: detailed drawings containing proposed storm sewer and/or surface water facilities showing both public and private storm, sanitary and water lines, appurtenances, fittings, both existing and proposed;
    • If no underground utility work is proposed, submit a site plan showing the tenant space in relation to the remainder of the site. Showing the underground utilities above is not necessary on the site plan for this type of application.
  4. Drainage Fixture schedule on Oak Lodge Form (scroll down for EDU SDC Worksheet) as calculated to OSPC (click here for link to OSPC);
    • The fixture schedule must be submitted on the Oak Lodge Form below.
    • If there is no change to drainage fixtures, a schedule of existing and existing-to-remain fixtures is needed. Oak Lodge does not have existing drainage fixture inventories on record.
  5. Potable water flow demand in GPM;
  6. Floor plan with all plumbing and drainage fixtures;
  7. Certificate of insurance (this is only for underground utility work being performed. If no underground utility work is performed, this is not needed);
  8. If any items are not applicable, please communicate this in writing in the occupancy narrative;
  9. If prompted, review comments to the plans by following these instructions;
  10. Pay fees online. 


Supporting Documents:

edu_sdc_template_worksheet.xlsxEDU Equivalencies 2019.pdfHow to Add an Attachment.pdfHow to View Attachments and Plan Review Comments.pdf
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