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Utility Permit: Sewer and / or Water

May contain: plan, diagram, and plot

A Utility Service Connection Permit is required to install new, or lengthen, enlarge, amend, repair, replace, upgrade or alter any existing sewer lateral or water service or other portion of the public system except for plumbing on private property.  The County equivalent permits are “B…..xxxx” and include single family dwelling, ADU, building and occupancy permits, building permits and similar applications. Utility Connection Permits are to be obtained when you are developing a new property that needs sewer and/or water service. You will need to purchase the service through a System Development Charge (SDC) and associated fees for meters and inspections.

Review Time 

The OLWS review time is APPROXIMATELY two (2) weeks. Oak Lodge highly suggests to apply for Oak Lodge permit(s) the same week as Clackamas County or other building or development-related permits. Oak Lodge also highly suggests to assure the initial permit application contains all the items listed on the respective permit page(s). If the application is incomplete, additional review time is needed.

What to submit 
  1. How to complete an application.
  2. How to add a contact/contractor to your application.
  3. Complete an online permit application at Accela
  4. Install the "Contractor app" if you are a contractor. Use this for inspection scheduling:
    1. iOS
    2. Android
  5. Site Plan: detailed drawing containing proposed utility pipe alignment and any fittings. Reference the example utility plan at the bottom of this page.
    • Please reference Oak Lodge Design and Construction Standards section 1.1032 Plan Sheet. 
    • If you are adding an ADU please see ADU FAQ file below.
    • The following are a sample of required items:
      • Plans must be scaled Horizontal scales shall be 1” = 40’, or 50’ - or the plan must provide accurate dimensions.
      • Adjacent street curbs, property lines, right-of-way lines, utility easements. Show property corner and curb elevations to determine water service level. Sewer existing and proposed: on-site/private sewer line (building sewer), public (in right-of-way or easement) sewer lateral, cleanout, connection point.  Water: existing and proposed water lines on private property and in the public right-of-way, vaults, meter boxes and any other appurtenances. Storm/surfacewater: proposed treatment and/or infiltration and/or capture and/or conveyance lines on private and public property;
      • Location of all underground utilities within 10 feet of project, existing power/telephone poles and guy anchors, valves, manholes, catch basins, fire hydrants. 
      • Location of all water courses, railroad crossings, culverts, bridges, large water transmission pipes and gravity sewers, and/or storm drains within 200 feet of proposed gravity sewer and storm drain extensions.  All water courses shall show the 100-year flood plain as indicated on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) maps. Include these only if they affect the design of the project;
      • All utilities and associated lines, appurtenances and fittings, and associated callouts and notes must be colored to their utility locate color. For example, sanitary sewer = green, potable water = blue, and pink for stormsewer and surfacewater;
      • All infiltrator locations and facilities or structures shall be shown on plans;
      • All corrections to plan review comments must be identifiable by being "clouded" or otherwise "called out" on the plans;
      • Include necessary easements: private and/or public.
  6. Certificate of insurance; 
  7. Utility narrative;
  8. Clackamas County Utility Placement Permit (also known as “road-opening permit”). Create a PDF of the issued Clackamas County permit and upload the document;
  9. Statement from the Clackamas County Fire District that the structure is sprinkled or not. Create a PDF of the statement such as an email or other form provided by the Fire District and upload the document. Do not have the Fire District contact Oak Lodge directly;
  10. Pay fees online through Accela (fees must be paid before water service is installed);
  11. All items should be uploaded simultaneously. Only complete permit submittals are reviewed;
  12. Oak Lodge typically reviews permit submittals for completeness within 72 business hours of submittal.  Response will be via email from Please check your junk mail if you have not received a response from Oak Lodge;
  13. If there are missing items or comments to the plan, Oak Lodge uploads them as an “attachment” in the Accela permit record and sends an email to the applicant listed on the permit;
  14. When Oak Lodge issues the permit, the permit document is uploaded to the Accela permit record as an “approved plan and permit”. Please review the document. Then, Oak Lodge sends an email to Clackamas County building department “signing off” to the County’s associated permit. There is no need to come to Oak Lodge to collect the permit and bring it to the County. The “sign off email” suffices for Clackamas County;
  15. The next step is to contact a contractor to install the water service and/or sewer service.  Typical contractors are “excavators” or “plumbers”. 
  16. For water services 2 inches and less Oak Lodge installs the hot tap and corp., copper pipe and appurtenances around and including the meter and box. The owner sawcuts the asphalt/surface, trenches, exposes the main, performs traffic control and any covering/plating and obtains a County Road Opening Permit.
  17. Installation and Inspections For water services 2 inches and less - See Attachment Below
  18. For water services greater than 2 inches, Oak Lodge installs the tap and corp. The owner's contractor installs the water service pipe and appurtenances around the meter and Oak Lodge inspects this installation. Later, Oak Lodge inspects and installs the meter; 
  19. Installation and Inspections - See Attachment Below 
    1. For water service greater than 2 inches, login to your Oak Lodge Accela account. 
      • Schedule three inspections:
        1. Water tap and corp;
        2. Water Inspection for the service and meter box;
        3. Water meter installation


Questions? Contact the Development Review Specialist at (503) 654-7765 or email

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