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Wastewater Rates

Bills from the Oak Lodge Water Services (OLWS) currently arrive once every two months. Starting in July 2024, all customers will be moved from bimonthly to monthly billing.

For Wastewater Collection and Treatment (wastewater services), customers are billed a fixed rate plus for an average winter consumption-based rate. The current fixed rate is $56.38 per month and the consumption based rate is $3.20 per ccf. The majority of customers receive bills every other month for two months of services. Current billing information for wastewater charges can be viewed in the tables below. Rates are reset every July 1.

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The Wastewater Service bill has two components:

  1. Fixed Rate for Wastewater Collection and Treatment: fixed per Equivalent Dwelling Unit (EDU). 
  2. Consumption-based Rate: based on an average of your winter water use. This is a consumption-based charge set annually on July 1 based on an average of your previous winter water consumption (December-March). If you are conservative with your winter water use (December - March), it will help reduce your wastewater bill for the entire following year. Your wastewater rates are not impacted by summer water use for purposes such as lawn and/or garden irrigation. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you experience a water leak anytime during the year, please contact OLWS immediately to make sure the charges for the increased water consumption are addressed. If the leak is in the winter, it will affect your bill the next summer and throughout the year unless addressed by staff.

Questions about your bill? Please contact us at (503) 654-7765 or email

Here is an example of how a standard bill is calculated. In this example the household used 12 ccf during the billing period:

Fixed Rate 1st month$56.38
Fixed Rate 2nd month$56.38

Consumption rate based on average winter water use:

Consumption rate based on winter water use (December - March) 12 ccf x $3.20$38.40

The table below shows the fixed rates and the consumption-based rates per ccf:

Residential and Business - Monthly Billing Rates

Service Rate per EDU (Equivalent Dwelling Unit)2022-23 Fixed Rate2023-24 Fixed Rate
Fixed Rate – 1 EDU$43.54$56.38
Fixed Rate – 1 EDU Financial Assistance$21.77$28.19
Fixed Rate – 2 EDUs$87.08$112.76
Winter Average Consumption-Based UsageCurrent Rate per ccfBi-Monthly Charge per Bill
0 ccf$3.20$112.76
1 ccf$3.20$115.96
2 ccf$3.20$119.16
3 ccf$3.20$122.36
4 ccf$3.20$125.56
5 ccf$3.20$128.76
6 ccf$3.20$131.96
7 ccf$3.20$135.16
8 ccf$3.20$138.36
9 ccf$3.20$141.56
10 ccf$3.20$144.76
11 ccf$3.20$147.96
12 ccf$3.20$151.16
13 ccf$3.20$154.36
14 ccf$3.20$157.56
15 ccf$3.20$160.76
16 ccf$3.20$163.96
17 ccf$3.20$167.16
18 ccf$3.20$170.36
19 ccf$3.20$173.56
20 ccf$3.20$176.76
21 ccf$3.20$179.96
22 ccf$3.20$183.16
23 ccf$3.20$186.36
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