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Monthly Billing

Announcement about Oak Lodge Water Services moving to monthly billing, coming July 2024, highlighting smaller payments, bill alignment, and less water waste.

Monthly Billing Starts July 2024

What’s changing?

Starting in July 2024, all customers will be moved to monthly billing. You will receive your last bimonthly bill in either June or July (depending on your billing cycle), and your first monthly bill will arrive about 30 days after that.

Why are you making this change?

There are several benefits of monthly billing. One is to align with the cadence of other household bills. Monthly billing should also help customers with budget planning, monitoring their water usage, and detecting leaks early, resulting in less water (and money) waste.

When will I get my first monthly bill?

Bimonthly customers are currently on two billing cycles. The transition to monthly billing will be as follows:

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  • If you receive your bimonthly bill in May, you will receive one more bimonthly bill in July. Your first monthly bill will arrive after August 1, covering just July usage.
  • If you receive your bimonthly bill in June, you will receive your first monthly bill after July 1, covering usage for just June.
Will my due date change with this transition?

No, the due date will still be the 15th of each month for all accounts. The 10-day grace period will also stay the same.


Other Frequently Asked Questions

Will monthly bills mean estimated readings?

No. Most customers have been upgraded to our Automated Meter Reading (AMR) system, which electronically transmits readings from your water meter. That means your bills always reflect your actual usage.

I currently mail my payment, which means I'll have to use more postage. How can I save time and money?

Paying online or via phone can help save you time and money. You can sign up via our online portal or use the "Guest Payment" option to make a payment without registering. You can also call us at (503) 654-7765 to make a payment. PLEASE NOTE: Currently, account creation within the online portal is reserved for property owners. Non-property owners may utilize the Guest Payment option without creating an account.

I'm on autopay. Do I need to make any changes during this transition?

No. If you're already enrolled in autopay, your bank will be drafted monthly on the 15th of the month, no additional steps are needed.

Does it cost anything to pay via phone?

No. We do not charge our customers a service fee for online or phone payments. For your convenience, you can deduct the payment from your checking or savings account.

Convenient ways to pay

While our billing cycle is changing, you still have all the same convenient ways to pay. Call us or visit our Billing FAQs page for more details.

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