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Permit Process

1. Visit the Permit Triggers page to determine which type of permit(s) you need.

2. Review the Permits: What to Submit pages to get organized for an online application process.

3. OLWS now uses the Accela permit software system for all permit applications. You will need to create an Accela account to apply for a permit. Accela is a cloud-based software platform that allows permit applicants to login and manage their permit process.

4. View the instruction packet to set up an Accela account and complete the online application. 

  • Accela requires applicants to set up an account and complete an online application: 
    • Go to the Accela login page and set up an account, then begin the application process.
    • Be prepared to complete the online application form;
    • Submit an electronic site plan with utilities;
    • Include a separate site plan with erosion control measures;
    • If there are multiple permits needed, all permit materials must be submitted concurrently online;
    • Obtain invoice through Accela;
    • Pay fees online.

4. Submit the OLWS application in the same week as you submitted a permit for Clackamas County.​ 

  • If you have a Clackamas Co. Assigned Building Permit # (e.g. B0#####) you will need it for the Oak Lodge application.
  • The County does not alert Oak Lodge to any permit submitted to them or forward any permit materials to Oak Lodge.
  • It is the responsibility of the applicant or owner to contact Oak Lodge and supply all relevant permit materials and information.
  • If there are multiple permits (such as an erosion control permit and a utility placement permit), all permit materials must be submitted concurrently online.

5. All permit application submittals will be reviewed for completeness and the applicant / owner notified electronically by email if required information is missing.

  • All plan submittals shall include information required in the OLWS Design and Construction Standards, Subsection 1.1040 "Supporting Information" along with all other information requested by the permit type (see permit checklists). 
  • An electronic set of completed construction-related plans shall be submitted for the review.
  • Once the application is deemed complete, a detailed review will begin on a “first-in, first-out” basis.
  • All submittals will be reviewed for completeness and the applicant/owner notified if required information is missing. Upon completion of the detailed review, the District will notify the applicant/owner by email of any needed revisions. 
  • Applicants may review comments on their plan by following these instructions.


OLWS inspects the following:

  • Sanitary sewer and/or water connections to the main;
  • New or repaired taps, services, side sewer laterals, mains, manholes, valves, blow-off assemblies or other components in the public right-of-way or public easement;
  • Commercial businesses such as oil/water separators;
  • Industrial pre-treatment facilities;
  • Fat, oil and/or grease producing activities or pollution-generating activities;
  • Surface/stormwater quality and quantity facilities in the public right-of-way and on private property;
  • Erosion control measures for sites up to five (5) acres.

OLWS DOES NOT inspect the following:

  • Building sewer repair on private property;
  • Rough-in plumbing, grease traps, final plumbing or water tests.

Contractor Insurance

  • The contractor/excavator/plumber must obtain a sanitary sewer permit prior to working on sewer or water utilities in the public right-of-way or easement and provide Oak Lodge with a statement of insurance naming Oak Lodge as “additionally insured” to the minimum values in the “insurance requirements” document, and validate a current CCB status.

Combination Performance and Warranty Bond

  • If an engineer's estimate is provided, the combined bond (performance and warranty) should be set for the same amount as this estimate.

Inspection Requests

Inspection requests must be made 24-hours in advance and receive confirmation from inspector. No inspections will be scheduled after 1:30 PM.  Login to your Accela account to schedule an inspection on your permit.

Permit Fees and SDC Estimator

To estimate your own fees and System Development Charges (SDCs) you can use the OLWS Fee page by selecting the “fees and other charges” from this page: You can also contact Oak Lodge permitting staff at:

 OLWS Fee Calculator Template Instructions: 

  • For all permits, replace the “0” in the “Quantity” column (“A”) with the respective number of line items.
  • For the Site Development /Engineering Review fees, the monetary value of the cost estimate of public infrastructure should be entered. These are highlighted in pink.
  • The complete fee schedule can be found here: Rates, Fees and SDC Charges
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