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Why Do I Pay a Watershed Protection Fee?

Each resident of the community contributes to the cost of the program because we use the buildings, streets, parking lots and sidewalks that add to the need for a surface water management program. Developers also pay for the cost of building, the drainage systems and water quality facilities serving their development.

Community Values

OLWS routinely conducts community surveys to assess and understand community values about surface waters. Consistently, the Oak Grove, Gladstone and Jennings Lodge communities provide feedback to OLWS about the importance of clean water within this community. The survey results also highlight concerns about periodic flooding events, and problems with trash and pollution observed in the creeks.

Based on survey results, the three top priorities for the Surface Water Program activities are:

  • Correct drainage problems on public property/streets (55%)
  • Remove pollutants from runoff (47%)
  • Improve water quality and habitat (42%)

OLWS seeks to address community values through identification of projects and activities that meet both community interests/needs, and fulfill regulatory requirements from the State of Oregon and the US EPA.

Surface Water Management Information

Surface water management is much more than storm drainage. It involves the management of surface waters in a manner that incorporates every aspect associated with storm water; including public education, pollutant removal, groundwater recharge, enhancing water quality, and preservation and restoration of streams and associated riparian corridors.

The revenue from surface water management fees supports Watershed Protection Program activities, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Inventory and Mapping
  • Master Planning
  • Public Education and Public Involvement
  • Development Plan Review
  • System Maintenance
  • Capital Improvement Planning and Implementation
  • New Storm Drainage and Pollution Control Facility Construction
  • Problem Investigation
  • Inspection of Erosion Control Measures and Storm Water Facility Construction
  • Sampling and Testing
  • Customer Inquiries and Service Requests
  • Federal Permit Compliance
  • Utility Management
  • Permit Issuance
  • Correspondence
  • Reporting


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