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Water Quality Report

May contain: beverage, drink, and alcohol

Welcome to the Oak Lodge Water Services District 2021 Water Quality Report. The drinking water information presented in the report is based on monitoring results from the 2021 calendar year. 

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Oregon Health Authority laws require the District to provide our consumers with a detailed report showing you what is in the water you drink. The District continually strives to adopt new and better methods for delivering the best quality drinking water standards. The testing results in the District continue to meet and exceed state and federal guidelines for public health. 

Request a paper copy of the report at or call (503) 654-7765. For more information about this report, or for any questions relating to your drinking water, please call Marty Guenther, Pollution Prevention Specialist, at (503) 753-9689.

Source Water Assessment.pdf2020 Water Quality Report.pdf2020 Water Quality Report - ADA Compliant Version.pdf2019 Water Quality Report.pdf2019 Water Quality Report_ADA Compliant Version.pdf2018 Water Quality Report.pdf2017 Water Quality Report.pdf2016 Water Quality Report.pdfHOW TO READ YOUR WATER QUALITY REPORT.pdf
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