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Do I Need To Have My Water Tested?

Concerned about your Water Quality?

Here are some determining factors that can affect the way your water tastes and smells when you get a glass from your kitchen faucet.  

  • Old pipes in your house can cause an unusual taste and smell to your water​
  • Filter cartridge may need to be changed. It is very important that you follow the manufactures instructions on how often you change that cartridge.  In some cases bacteria can grow rapid inside of water filter cartridges which can be harmful to your health.
  • An old faucet may be made from iron or galvanized steel.  Old rubber gaskets and screens can sometimes cause a metallic taste or strange odor to the water.
  • The rubber seals may be disintegrating and cause a bad taste even if they still keep the water from dripping. 

If you have concerns regarding your water's taste and / or odors please call us at 503-654-7765. We would be happy to answer questions regarding the quality of your water. You can also read our water quality report to learn more.

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