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Online Watersheds Workshop Series by the North Clackamas Watersheds Council

Bird swimming
Photo by Steve Berliner 

Learn more about the North Clackamas Watershed through this 3-part workship series hosted by the North Clackamas Watershed Council via Zoom on the following dates from 12:00 pm - 1:00pm followed by a 30 minute Q&A until 1:30pm:

  • Tuesday, November 8
  • Wednesday, November 9 
  • Thursday, November 10

You can RSVP for one, two or all three workshops.

Get to Know North Clackamas Watersheds: What and where the North Clackamas watersheds are, and how to protect them both individually and in working together. We’ll discuss how urbanization has affected these watersheds, and dive into the best ways to steward these streams.

Wildlife in the North Clackamas Watersheds: Continue getting to know the North Clackamas watersheds with an introduction to the wildlife that live here, where to spot them, and the challenges they face from urbanization and climate change. Let’s bust some myths and learn how we can help and support the wildlife in our watersheds.

North Clackamas Watersheds, People, and Place: How our watersheds affect us. Continue getting to know the North Clackamas watersheds by exploring the connections between human and watershed health. From birth weight to longevity, learn why canopy and nature are crucial to our shared futures.

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