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Oak Lodge CERT (Community Emergency Response Team)

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Oak Lodge Community Emergency Response Team is a volunteer group comprised of your Oak Grove and Jennings Lodge neighbors who want to make our community more resilient in natural and man-made emergencies. 



Join Up! Get Involved in CERT!

            -Regular meetings are the second Tuesday at 6:30-8:00, please verify location at:

                        Oak Lodge CERT on Facebook

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           -Next CERT Trainings are July 21, 28 & Aug. 4 and October 13, 20, 27

           -Check out Oak Lodge CERT on Facebook

           -Other CERT Info -

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     Educate…ourselves and our community to increase emergency preparedness personal and public safety disaster preparedness

     Prepare...ourselves, families, and neighbors to assist and support each other to better withstand emergencies and hazards

     Assist...government responders during situations where the number and scope of incidents may overwhelm conventional emergency service.


  • First, there is the Response Team is trained in search and rescue techniques and organizational procedure to augment overwhelmed government services in time of disaster. 
  • Second, CERT focuses on Community Outreach to provide education and outreach programs to strengthen our neighborhoods such as the 2017 Emergency Preparation Fair and the Emergency Water Program.

In cooperation with the Oak Lodge Water Services District, OLCERT administers the Emergency Water Program.  OLWS has provided  a number water systems known as the Hurricane® or Hurricane Pro® that to can purify up to 135 and 163 gallons respectively of water per hour under optimum conditions. OLCERT has recruited  Water Stewards  in OLWS neighborhoods to host the systems. In the event that the regular water supply is interrupted, these neighbors will have a drinking water source.



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  1. Willamette View Manor (Terrace)
  2. Rose Villa Senior Living
  3. SE Yew St. at SE Fairoaks Ave.
  4. Riveroaks Park on SE Mulberry Dr.
  5. North end of SE Roethe Place
  6. SE Manewal Lane off SE Cottonwood St.
  7. ​SE Lacour Court Common Area
  8. SE Sierra Vista Dr. off SE Thiessen Rd.

Are you interested in being a Water Steward and host a Hurricane Pro®?

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        Do you……

  •             live within the Oak Lodge Water Service District?
  •             have access to a year round water source (river, creek, swimming pool, etc.)?
  •             want the responsibility to provide your neighbors with drinking water?
  •             have a secure area with electricity to store the system?
  •             agree to maintain and test the system as requested by OLCERT?

                      If so, please contact Jackie Brown at for further information.



Cascadia Rising 2016 Exercise:

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"On June 7, 2016, more than 20,000 emergency managers in Idaho, Oregon and Washington kicked off Cascadia Rising 2016, a four-day, large scale exercise to test response and recovery capabilities in the wake of a 9.0 magnitude CSZ earthquake and tsunami.  Cascadia Rising 2016 was a four-day exercise focused on interagency and multi-state coordination following a 9.0M Cascadia Subductions Zone earthquake and follow-on tsunami.  Emergency management centers at local, state, tribal and federal levels in coordination with military commands, private sector and non-governmental organizations in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, activated to coordinate simulated field response operations. 

Cascadia Rising served as a reminder to all Oregonians that individual and family emergency preparedness is key to an effective response to an earthquake or any disaster and begin the recovery process,” said Phelps. “As we constantly improve our capabilities, we ask all to be prepared for at least two weeks.”

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