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Emergency Water Distribution Exercise

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Working with Partners to Distribute Water

DATE: 2nd Saturday, APRIL 13, 2019

TIME: 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM

PLACE: Concord School Property, 

ADDRESS: 3811 SE Concord Rd, Oak Grove

ACCESS: DRIVE THROUGH EXERCISE, Access from Oatfield Ave. into Spaulding Ave.

CONTACT: Greg Wenneson, OLCERT:

We know how difficult it is to get organized for an emergency, and three partners from your community want to help make it a little easier to prepare your household by learning about emergency water preparedness.

Oak Lodge Water Services, the Clackamas Fire District #1, and the Oak Lodge Community Emergency Response Team (OLCERT) have partnered to conduct an emergency preparedness exercise testing the distribution of potable water.

Community members are invited to BRING A CLEAN 1-5 GALLON CONTAINER and drive through the exercise, where staff will fill containers and distribute emergency preparedness materials. 

Remember to bring your own CLEAN 1-5 GALLON WATER CONTAINER.

Start your emergency prep with water: Two Weeks Ready!

Emergency preparedness calls for 1 gallon per person per day for 14 days. That's 14 gallons per person, and don't forget to have some on hand for your pets.

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