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Wednesday, August 10, 2022. Supporting Low Impact Recreation on the Clackamas River

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The Clackamas River Water Providers (CRWP) is a coalition of municipal drinking water providers that get their drinking water from the Clackamas River, has been working with our recreation partners to support low impact recreation on the Clackamas River to protect our drinking water source. Oak Lodge Water Services is a member of CRWP. 

On a busy summer day the five mile float from Barton to Carver Park on the Clackamas River can see as many as 5,000 visitors.  Other areas of the river such as High Rocks and Promontory Park also receive high recreation use. The high volume of people on the river has led to stream bank erosion (which can increase turbidity), rampant littering, and other issues along the river.  In addition, recreational river use can also increase the amount of e coli found in the river due to recreational users not using proper restrooms, and increased hydrocarbons due to high boat use as well as personal care products such as suntan lotion, all of which can impact water quality. 

Through a State Drinking Water Source Protection grant received by the CRWP, we have been working with We Love Clean Rivers Inc. on the development of the online/mobile and interactive Clackamas Water Trail website. The purpose of this new website is to highlight access points along the lower river, local amenities, and known river conditions and hazards. It will also differentiate private and public property, and sensitive fish and wildlife habitat areas that are not to be disturbed, as well as include information on how to be good river stewards and the importance of protecting our drinking water source.

Visit the new Clackamas Water Trail website at to to see how you can enjoy the Clackamas River while being a good steward of the River.

Combined the CRWP members provide drinking water to over 300,000 people in Clackamas and Washington Counties.  For more information contact Kim Swan at (503) 775-6864 or via email at

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