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Tuesday, July 12, 2022. Follow the Water – Connect the Drops Campaign Goes Live

Did you know that OLWS works with a statewide coalition to promote clean rivers and streams? The Clean Rivers Coalition is made up of more than 60 agencies, watershed councils, soil and water conservation districts, and nonprofits. In 2019, the Coalition commissioned a statewide survey to learn about how people feel about and use our state’s water resources. The responses showed that Oregonians highly value their rivers and streams, yet many engage in practices like using pesticides and fertilizers in ways that harm water quality.

Using what we learned from the survey, the Coalition developed the Follow the Water – Connect the Drops campaign. The campaign has three goals:

  1. Connect people to their rivers.
  2. Connect people’s behavior to their rivers.
  3. Promote clean water behaviors.

The campaign is built on the notion that water health is not a local issue, but a region-wide issue that requires regional solutions with statewide support. Through collaboration and sharing, our efforts are more effective. 

The campaign website showcases three videos that inspire us to pause and think about our water and our connections to it. The first chapter, Connection, inspires us to feel our connection with water: water is life, water is sacred. The second chapter, Disconnection, explores the ways in which we are disconnected from our water in the modern world. In the third chapter, Reconnection, the viewer is treated to personal stories of reconnection. This 20-minute video trilogy showcases and inspires, connecting the important work of our bureau to communities here in Portland and beyond. Check it out and be inspired! 

Follow the Water – Connect the Drops manifesto:
Water sustains all life. We cannot survive without clean water. It provides for us the way nature does, without asking for anything in return. It’s older than life itself, and as essential as the air we breathe. We can connect each drop from the clouds to our rivers and oceans to the cup that’s in our hands. We can connect its ageless lifespan and timeless wisdom to our homes and gardens and the choices we make every day. Follow the water far enough and it reaches everywhere, touches everyone—every living thing on the planet. And if we’re to keep it, it needs all of us to help protect it. Let’s do our part to protect water.

If you have any questions contact Outreach and Communications Specialist, Alexa Morris at

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