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TMDL Implementation Plan & Annual Report

This year's TMDL Annual Report is available here.

The State of Oregon's Department of Environmental Quality places limits on pollutants to certain waterways like the Willamette River. These limits are called Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs).

TMDL requirements are separate from point source pollution reduction measures addressed through the MS4 Permit. OLWS addresses TMDL requirements through creative landscape treatments such as lowering water temperature through preserving or planting shade.

TMDLs in Oak Lodge include:

  • Temperature decrease
  • Bacteria discharges
  • Mercury reduction

Currently, OLWS partners with the North Clackamas Watersheds Council to meet required TMDLs through the Streamside Stewards Program.

Supporting Documents:

2013 TMDL Implementation Plan - 5-Year Report.pdf2019 TMDL Implementation Plan - Revised.pdfFY2020-2021 TMDL Annual Report.pdf
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