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Restoring Boardman Creek for Fish

(August 9, 2023) — OLWS supports the important work North Clackamas Watershed Council (NCWC) is doing to restore Boardman Creek. The monitoring NCWC is doing is part of a long-term plan to restore Boardman Creek to be of fish bearing quality.

NCWC, in coordination with the Clackamas Partnership, conducted macroinvertebrate sampling last week at Spring Park and the confluence of Boardman Creek with the Willamette River. These benthic organisms are commonly used as indicators of the biological condition of waterways as they spend most of their lives in water, are easy to collect, and the species differ in their tolerance to pollution.

The Clackamas Partnership includes over 15 Portland-area natural resource organizations that are working to restore and enhance riverine habitats for native fish.


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