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Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan

Clackamas County's 2024 Multi-jurisdictional Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan helps the county plan for actions that can lessen the impact of disasters on communities and reduce their post-disaster recovery timeframe. The plan allows the county to identify risks and community vulnerabilities associated with natural disasters in order to develop long-term and short-term strategies for protecting people and property. In addition to being a proactive step in reducing risks, having a plan is a condition for receiving certain types of mitigation-related funding from FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The funding can help with a variety of projects to mitigate risks and reduce vulnerabilities, for example, retrofitting roads, bridges, culverts, and other structures to prevent damage from earthquakes, winter storms, or flooding.


Public Feedback and Participation is Encouraged
As part of the planning process, gathering input from the public is an important and required step.  OLWS seeks to gather feedback from residents and businesses from across our boundaries to incorporate into the plan. Visit to review the plan located on the homepage of the website.

The public is strongly encouraged to submit your comments, concerns, or questions regarding natural disasters and potential mitigation actions to be included into the plan update process. Please submit your feedback to

2023_Oak Lodge Water Services NHMP ADDENDUM PUBLIC REVIEW DRAFT.pdf


The 2024 plan update includes the following changes:

  • Update hazard-related information and data for improved characterizations of evolving hazards, such as drought, extreme heat and other climate change-related impacts.
  • Improve the risk assessment section through an enhanced vulnerability assessment of community assets and infrastructure.
  • Better integrate NHMP information in related county plans and planning documents.
  • Provide mitigation and NHMP-related information in more accessible methods to the public, including improved educational resources and outreach activities
  • North Clackamas Urban Watersheds Council
  • Greater Oregon City Watershed Council


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