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Leak Adjustment Request Form

Customers who experience loss of water through an “excusable defect” in the customer’s water line may be eligible for a leak adjustment. An excusable defect is due to a rupture or leakage caused by weather, settlement, corrosion, wear or accident. Credits are based upon your average usage for the same period in previous years. This average is deducted from the total consumption used during the time of the leak. The excess usage is charged at a rate that covers the cost of wholesale water purchases and pumping costs.

  • The leak must be repaired within (30) days of discovery or notice and the adjustment must be requested within (120) days of the repair.
  • Leaks such as leaking faucets, leaking toilets, sprinkler systems, or accidental over-watering are ineligible.
  • Leaks experienced in winter months can affect your sanitary sewer bill rate, set July 1st of the following summer, so if you think you are experiencing a leak please contact staff to review your water consumption.

Please fill out the following form and return it to our office for review. Leak adjustments are reviewed and submitted to management for approval once a month.

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