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Imagine a Day Without Water - Thursday, October 19

(October 19, 2023) -- Water is often called the “invisible utility” because you can’t see the pipes and other  infrastructure that brings water to your tap, so it’s easy to take it for granted. In fact, many people  never think about what goes into providing safe, reliable water service to their home or business  unless there’s a problem.  

Fortunately OLWS  works hard to ensure that our customers have safe, reliable water 24  hours a day, every day. This requires constant care and management of a complex network of  water infrastructure and extensive planning to address population growth, new and changing  regulations, seismic hazards, climate change, and more. 

October 19 is the ninth annual Imagine a Day Without Water, an opportunity to reflect on the value  of water and its central role in everything we do. Join us in taking some extra time to think about  how you value our region’s water today, and every day. 

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