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Friday, September 3, 2021. September is National Preparedness Month

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As we’ve learned from this summer’s heatwaves, February’s ice storms, and the COVID-19 pandemic, emergencies can take many forms and can affect our daily lives in unexpected ways. For example, you might have needed to search for toilet paper at the start of the pandemic or had a hard time charging your electronics due to winter storm power outages. If you had a well-stocked emergency kit already, you may have already had items on hand to help you!

Whether you are just starting to pull together your first kit or adding to an existing one, September is a good time to check in on your own preparedness. Fortunately, pulling together the needed supplies for an emergency kit isn’t difficult and doesn’t have to be expensive.

Get started with this helpful checklist, and then take stock of what you already have around your house:

Pack up your items in an easy-to-carry container and store them in a centralized, accessible location. Finally, add the remaining items to your shopping list and pick up a few things every time you go to the store. Don’t forget to include drinking water!

If you are already well-equipped, now is the time to check the best by dates on your food, change out your emergency water, or add a missing item from the above checklist. Of course, being well prepared goes beyond an emergency kit. Find out what else you need to do to get ready for emergencies at

Supporting Documents:

Emergency Supply Check List.pdf
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