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Clackamas County Water Education Team

Pooling Our Resources for Water Education

Members of the Clackamas County Water Education Team (CCWET), a consortium of educators, are dedicated to promoting hands-on exploration of our local watershed.  As such, we provide in-school presentations, resources for teachers, and field trip opportunities. Please contact the District with questions about the CCWET partnership.

CCWET coordinates a summer Teacher Workshop for 3rd-5th grade teachers in Clackamas County, or whose students may receive water from the Clackamas River. We also work together to organize an annual Celebrating Water Event in March/April for over 500 students (4th-5th grade) at Clackamas Community College each year. This event features hands-on exhibits and demonstrations featuring information on water science, water management, water resources, and the biological and ecological importance of water. To learn more about these events, check out these videos.

CCWET is also the proud owner of a Mobile Garden of native plants which is exhibited at various community events to illustrate naturescaping techniques that promote watershed health.

For information about CCWET members download this guide which details the types of presentations and opportunities available from each partner.

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