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Common questions about accessory dwelling units (ADUs) in OLWS boundary area.

How much will it cost? 

We recommend anticipating approximately $11,000 which includes a sanitary sewer system development charge, water meter and permit fees. 

Does it require a new meter? 

No. OLWS code does not require separate dwelling units to have separate meters. If a separate meter is wanted for billing purposes, that would be permitted.

What about a guesthouse with a kitchen? 

Clackamas County is the building official in this area. If they determine the application to be an ADU, then OLWS charges all the fees previously mentioned.

If it is not a dwelling unit, such as a converted basement or garage to living space, a guesthouse etc., then OLWS does not charge that full amount. The existing meter may still need to be upgraded (enlarged) because of the additional fixtures (sinks, showers etc.) which has a respective cost.

If a meter is upgraded is credit provided for the existing meter? 

Yes. Current value is applied.

Does Oak Lodge count fixtures to determine water meter size? 

No, these are reviewed by Clackamas County as a plumbing permit. This applies to ADUs, guesthouses, and single family dwelling modifications. OLWS does perform fixture counts for non-residential applications.

Is a separate water service line needed? 

Typically yes. Though not specifically required, the reason is that a separate meter is required. Most existing water service lines are ¾-inches in diameter. The smallest meter available is 5-8-inch. A 1-inch service line is required to serve two 5-8-inch meters. Two 5-8-inch meters cannot be served by a single ¾-inch service line.

What does the fees pay for, does it pay for any construction? 

Only a small portion. Oak Lodge installs the water “hot tap” only. The remainder of the construction costs are borne by the property owner. The owner must obtain a road opening permit from the County, perform all sawcutting, excavation, traffic control, backfill and patching.



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