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Consolidation Customers Update

The May 17 election results approved consolidating Oak Lodge Water District and Oak Lodge Sanitary District.

The elected boards of both Districts proposed the consolidation after three years of in-depth study. In the May Primary Election, voters overwhelmingly approved.

The consolidation takes effect July 1, 2016 – and the transition has already begun. The newly consolidated District will be called Oak Lodge Water Services.

For now, please continue to call, visit the website, or drop-in to the Oak Lodge Water District for water related matters and Oak Lodge Sanitary District for sewer and surface water management related matters. Your water and sewer bill will also remain separate until the new billing system is in place. We will keep you informed as the transition to Oak Lodge Water Services continues through 2016.

If you have questions, please call:

Dan Bradley
General Manager
Oak Lodge Water District
Phone: (503) 654-7765

Jason Rice
Interim General Manager
Oak Lodge Sanitary District
14611 SE River Road
Oak Grove, OR 97267-1198
Phone: (503) 653-1653

Eight Reasons Why Consolidation Makes Sense

1. Cost

$4.25 million over the first 10 years

2. More

Eliminates overlap and duplication

3. Customer

Improved customer service through a single point of contact

4. Emergency Preparedness

Better prepared for natural disasters and emergencies

5. Shared

Provide clean water, protect public health and the environment in the most cost-effective manner

6. Single

Customers receive combined water/sewer bill

7. No Job

Only vacant, duplicative management and administrative positions will be eliminated

8. Local

Maintains our independent,  local service

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